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Computer Memory

The average consumer often confuses computer memory (RAM) with storage drives (HDDs and SSDs), which are the components used to store files and install software. Although computer memory also involves some storage, it is short term and is used for accessing and processing the tasks sent by the CPU controller. The current computer memory standard is DDR4, of which we have a wide variety for you to choose from!

What is DDR4 memory?

DDR4 is the latest type of synchronous dynamic random access memory that generally has different voltage requirements, clock speeds, and memory timings from its predecessor, DDR3. Put simply, DDR4 memory (RAM) can process more data while using less power, which makes it a good choice for both desktops and especially laptops due faster performance, less heat generation and higher energy efficiency. Due to DDR4’s updated structure as compared to DDR3, you will need DDR4 supported motherboards to run DDR4 memory.

How many gigabytes of memory (RAM) do I need?

For the casual user who wants to browse the web, watch movies of do light processing tasks, we recommend at-least 8GB of memory (RAM). However if you are an enthusiast gamer or require more processing power for video editing or designing, the minimum we recommend is 16GB.

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